Costume Item For Sale

Does anyone need a red jumpsuit?  I have a red jumpsuit, 1 size fits most, in good condition that I'm selling to anyone who needs 1; since I lost wt, it no longer fits & would like to see someone else wear it.  I bought it for $25.00, but will probably sell it for $10.00.
If you're interested, please contact me here, or message me & we can work something out; also, you can e-mail me, if that's what you'd prefer
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Creative Costumes & My Permission

I'll be wearing, homemade, knitted dress, skirts as well as belts that I've made as well as a few surprises; also, I'll be bringing extra material, to show you all the many ways you can use them. You have my permission (& if you like, written) to take my photos as well as photos of me, throughout the convention
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Clothing & Jewelry for sale

Hi Fellow Costumers,
      Since I'm not able to attend this yr's Dragon*Con, due to another event I'll be attending, I'm selling clothing (medium size, on up) & jewelry (necklas, bracelets, rings), for anyone who wants something to go with their outfits; they're unique & well taken care of, Jewelry are made by loving hands, me.
            If you're interested, you can contact me here, or on Facebook ( & we can work something out; have fun & take lots of pics

Costumers are honestly cool
Lorraine, Honest & cool
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Costumes for sale

Hi I have several costumes that I cannot fit in anymore due to having a baby.  I have a Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim Verses the world, Dr. Horrible from Dr. Horrible's Sing along Blog, Toph from Avatar the Last Airbender, Kaylee from Firefly/Serenity, Buffy Sushi Pajamas (SOLD), and a Star Trek Deep Space Nine Jumpsuit.  All costumes are in the 14 to 16 woman's size range. Most can easily be hemmed to fit a smaller size. 

If you are interested in any please message me with an offer.  Thanks:

Pictures under cut:

Would you buy clothing/jewelry

Hi Fellow costumers,
         I make different kinds of jewelry, from many types of things, from polymer clay, to pony, to glow-in-the-dark, to tri-beads, as well as many others; it relaxes me, but have too much & having a need to get rid of them.

         Since I lost weight, I have clothes, that are 1 size fits all as well as bigger sizes, that I need to get rid of; they're in good condition & don't fit anymore.

        If you're interested, please let me know, here, & we can talk, chat & discuss about price, among other things; it may be just the thing you're looking for as well as something to put together as a costume.

See you all at DragonCon & safe travels to Atlanta
Lorraine, CXS Fairy & Dragon*Con Goer

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Would you like photos of my costumes for DragonCon?

Hi Fellow Costumers,
         I'm planning on wearing a skirt (loom knitted)/burgandy top, pair of knitted pants/flowery top; a very special dress that my Grandmamma (my mom's mom) wore & a very pretty skirt/top for this yr's Dragon*Con; the skirt I just finished, in late December, & am still knitting, using a loom, my pair of pants.  The dress I'm planning on wearing, is a very special dress that my Grandmamma Vaughn wore, since she was 4'11" & had a very small frame; I'm just now able to fit into it & would love to show it off at the con.  I'm also gonna wear a very pretty skirt (that I got a few yrs ago at the con, & a very pretty top, that I got at Vegas, that can be made into a skirt, dress or top; the other 2 tops, I wore last yr & plan on bringing a couple others to wear, in the evening.

        I'm wondering if you all would like me to take photos of these, so you have some idea what they're gonna look like.

See you there & safe travels to Atlanta

Con Goers Unite,
Lorraine, the prettiest fairy in the land

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